Over the past few weeks, Robyn, our Green Spaces Activity Coordinator along with the people we support and Aspire Support Workers have been busy creating festive Christmas wreaths.

Wreath making, a tradition for centuries, has proved to be a great interactive activity and results in a beautiful decoration to add to your door. What is still green in mid-winter? Evergreens! Holly and ivy! We bring the outdoors inside to remind us of the natural world and re connect us to it, due to being inside more because of the cold.

The use of oranges is supposed to represent the sun, reminding us of the sunlight that we see less in the winter but bringing it into our homes as a gesture to celebrate the sun making a return.

Robyn has shared the items you will need and the simple steps for making a wreath at home this Christmas. It’s quick, easy, and fun. Give it a try!

The items you will need to make a wreath at home:

  1. A ring
    1. Metal circle
    1. Old Frisbee
    1. Old coat hanger
    1. Willow bent into a circle x 2 sticks for one ring about 2m long each.
    1. Ivy
  2. Green foliage
    1. Pine leaves
    1. Ivy
    1. Holly
    1. Conifer and fur tree leaves
    1. Evergreen leaves and shrubs
  3. Decorations 
    1. Holly berries
    1. Any red berries
    1. Pinecones (you can spray paint these)
    1. Bling! Some old baubles, a bit of tinsel and little bells
    1. Ribbon to tie a bow.
    1. Dried oranges
    1. Cinamon sticks
  4. String to tie it to the door.
  5. Craft wire
  6. Secateurs/ wire cutters
  1. Make a ring shape.

To make the ring, we used willow as it is freely accessible and biodegrades after use. I prefer to use willow as you can reduce the amount of wire you need to fasten things to it because it has little gaps you can tuck things into.

You simply make a circle, tucking in the thinner end and wrapping it around. Then you add your second piece weaving it around the original circle and cutting any thick bits that cannot be woven in.

2. Tuck in the foliage.

Then  pick your layers of different green foliage. We started with some cypress, and then cedar and spruce. You can use any you like, they all have different shapes and shades of green.

We also used bits of shrubbery and hedgerows; it adds different colours and textures. Then wrap Ivy around it, this helps to tuck any stray bits in and add extra layers.

3. Pick your decorations.

We used natural decorations such as holly and the red berries on the holly bush.

Did you know if your wreath is kept under a cover the berries dry out and don’t go mouldy and can last for 3 weeks!

We also dehydrated oranges and lemons for decorations. Make sure they are dry otherwise they can go rotten!

Feel free to use whatever items you think will add that extra special touch to your wreath. We added small Christmas baubles, red bows and little gold stars. Secure these items with twine or craft wire, craft wire is particularly good as it strengthens the wreath as well.

Lastly, attach some string to your wreath and hang it on your door.

We’d love to see your wreath creations! Share your photos with us at marketing@iamaspire.org.uk.

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