Did you know boxing is a great sport for people with learning disabilities? Here are five reasons why:

Boxing can be accessible to people of all abilities. We believe everyone should get the opportunity to experience the benefits of boxing training, that includes improved fitness, strength, well-being and overall health.  

Fitness:  Boxing is a full body workout that builds fitness, strength and co-ordination. Not only is it a great calorie burner, but it will also enhance your stamina and overall health.  In boxing, having a good balance is essential as it ensures you have a solid stance to keep your body stable so that you may defend or attack without losing your footing, for people who want to improve their stability then boxing would be a great exercise for you to practice this.  

Confidence: Boxing can boost your confidence, especially if you feel shy in big groups or are generally quieter. Unlike drama, or singing boxing requires focus and concentration, helping you build confidence with your teammates and opponents over time. If you are new to boxing, setting a goal to learn a new technique can be rewarding, it may give you great satisfaction from achieving something you set your mind to.

Concentration: It is important whilst you are boxing to stay focused. Paying close attention to your opponent’s moves and responding quickly is key.  This is beneficial for people with learning disabilities, as it provides an opportunity to improve concentration levels and attention spans.

Stress Reliever: Boxing is an excellent stress-reliever. People with learning disabilities may sometimes experience high levels of stress and anxiety and may not know the best way to release it. Engaging in boxing provides a safe and controlled environment for releasing emotions.

Inclusion: Boxing gyms offer a supportive and inclusive community. Learning and practicing boxing can help build strong relationships with your friends. Being part of a boxing team is important as it helps you work together towards a goal with the encouragement from one another.

Located in Pendleton, Salford our St George’s Community Hub offers support to a diverse group of people with a range of learning disabilities, in a modern and vibrant environment. Rob, a coach from Walkden Amateur Boxing Club hosts weekly boxing sessions at our hub, that are filled with inclusivity, positivity and teamwork. If you or someone you know is interested in boxing, it is important to find a boxing coach who is qualified and experienced. To find out more about Rob’s boxing sessions at St George’s Community Hub please email stgeorges@iamaspire.or.guk

Hear directly from the people we support about why they enjoy participating in Rob’s boxing sessions:

“I really like the boxing at St George’s, it is fun learning new techniques from Rob, and it helps to keep me fit and healthy. I enjoy taking part in the competitions. ” – says Peter

“I like Rob the boxing instructor, it is a good fun exercise and I like the games we play during the session.” – says Ned

It is essential to remember that not everyone is the same, and the benefits of boxing can vary from person to person. Before starting any physical activity, you should do a risk assessment on yourself or the person you are supporting to ensure it is safe and appropriate. Remember, enjoy yourself, look after one another and have fun whilst staying fit and healthy.

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