Where do you work for Aspire?

I am the first ever Green Spaces Activity Co-ordinator at Aspire. I work across all six community hubs and respite care facilities. Each place is so unique and different, I am so excited to work with the people we support and Aspire staff and watch our green spaces develop and grow!
We have a working partnership with the RHS, where we have been gifted a garden plot in their community garden. Once a week we have an hour slot with the people we support. We are supported by a member of the RHS who will help run the session and will guide us to know where we can experiment and grow in their gardens. We will be doing lots of mulching, veg growing and have the chance to wander around the beautiful gardens and find out what other activities are held at the RHS.

What do you do as part of your job role on an average day?

There is no ‘average day’ for me, as no day looks the same. One day I can be collecting wood and compost from local business’, other days I am planning and designing activities and garden spaces. Soon it will be time to plant seeds. In the warmer months there will be summer gatherings in our new green spaces, eating our home grown fruits and vegetables, running workshops with the people we support and enjoying the therapeutic affects of being outside in nature.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

There is so much I enjoy about my job; I don’t know where to begin! The power of plants to heal and connect us to each other and the wider environment are multifaceted. I am grateful for a job that encourages and nourishes me to be practical and have creative freedom. I have met many passionate and caring people across aspire, working alongside these people is, inspiring!

What is life like outside of work?

In my spare time, I spend my weekends doing even more gardening with a garden project in Hulme. On the days I am not around plants, I enjoy writing music, poetry and playing my guitar and banjo. I am currently teaching myself embroidery! I am really lucky to have a community of creative friends where we go out for walks, eat good food and go out dancing!

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