At Aspire, we provide extraordinary support for exceptional people, thanks to our amazing staff teams and volunteers. Our volunteers play an important role in our daily operations, showing dedication in everything they do. They demonstrate our values of being personal, progressive, consistent, and accountable every day.

Whether they are engaging in activities, looking after our gardens, assisting with housekeeping, or working in our cafes and kitchens, our volunteers are the core of Aspire.

Why we value our volunteers.
Volunteers bring diverse skills, experiences, and knowledge. They come from all walks of life, so each one of them is valuable. Often volunteers come from the local community, so they can help us build connections and create an inclusive welcoming environment.

Volunteers allow our staff to focus on their tasks, knowing they have reliable assistance for other duties. With their help, we can also run more activities and events.

Our volunteers choose to spend their time with us to make a difference. Their dedication helps us to achieve our mission. They bring positivity and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere, making Aspire a better place for everyone.

Roles of our volunteers:
Activity volunteer: Organise, host, and participate in activities like arts and crafts, tai chi and chairobics, creating an active community.  

Housekeeping volunteers: Keep our hubs tidy, from tidying our notice boards to libraries, ensuring our spaces look top-notch.  

Café and Kitchen volunteers: Assist in preparing and serving delicious meals in our cafes and kitchens.

Gardening volunteers: Help maintain our gardens, supporting Robyn, our green spaces coordinator.  

Showing appreciation.

If you have volunteers in your organisation, please take a moment this week to include them and show your appreciation. Let them know how important they are and how much you value their time and effort. A simple thank you can go a long way in making volunteers feel recognised and appreciated.

Please make your volunteers feel part of a team and acknowledge their input. Keep them informed about any changes or news, as open communication helps them feel included and valued. Share stories and feedback from those who have benefited from their work.

If you would like to know about becoming a volunteer at Aspire, please contact We would love to hear from you.

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