In September, as we focus on raising awareness for Alzheimer’s, we thought it was the perfect time to explore the benefits that reading can offer to those living with dementia. 

Dementia can be challenging, but there are many ways to enhance the quality of life of those living with dementia. One simple yet powerful activity is reading. In this blog, we will explore why reading is beneficial for people living with dementia.

Memory Retention

Reading is a great exercise for the mind. When you read, your brain becomes active, processing the words and information. This not only keeps your mind healthy, strong, and sharp but also helps to increase memory retention.

Improves Communication

Reading can be a fantastic way to encourage conversations. Whether it’s reading at a local library or in a community hub, books can be a conversation starter. Sharing a cup of tea and a slice of cake while discussing the current book you are reading, can help improve social interaction. 

Geoff, a man we support at our Poppy Dementia Day Support in Swinton says “James Patterson, is one of my favourite authors. I read a lot of his books, however I have not yet read ‘The Chef’, I chose it in Humphrey Booth’s Library, I am looking forward to reading it.”

At our dementia friendly community hub in Salford, we have a small library which is open to the public. Come along, browse through our book selection, meet new people, and even enjoy a cuppa and a cake in our dementia friendly café.

To find out more about our dementia friendly community hub please visit: Humphrey Booth Resource Centre – Aspire for Intelligent Care and Support (

Encourages Independence

Maintaining independence is often very important for people living with dementia. Reading is an activity that offers independence and control. Those with dementia can choose what they wish to read, when they want to read it and where they want to read it. 

Promotes Better Sleep

Reading a book is often calming and soothing. It gives the chance to unwind and relax, making it the perfect pre-bedtime activity. For many people, reading before going to sleep helps to clear and relax the mind.

Reading is Accessible.

One of the wonderful aspects of reading is that is it accessible. There is a wide range of reading materials to choose from, including textbooks, audio books, sensory books, picture books and large print books. Finding the right book that is suitable for the person you support, can greatly enhance their reading experience.

If you would like more guidance on choosing an accessible book for a family member, friend, or someone you support then please contact Chris Sewards, our Older Persons and Dementia Lead, he will be more than happy to help. Email or call 0161 607 7100

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