I really enjoy family life with Tony and Diane. I have my own room and private space. My carers help me with everyday skills but encourage me to be independent. I enjoy going to social events some evenings and planning regular holidays and breaks with the family. During the week I go out with my carer John. We go to museums, Barton Aerodrome and other places I like. I am really happy living in a Shared Lives placement and would not change anything about my life.

And here’s what Tony had to say about Wesley:

Wesley came to live with Diane and I six years ago. He is a very lively presence in our home! He’s kind, funny and witty. Two years later a second young man came to live with us. He and Wesley get along very well with each other and our children and friends. We have never regretted our decision to become Shared Lives carers. It is an interesting and rewarding if sometimes challenging job. We have a network of support and regular contact with our scheme worker.

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