Before Andrew began taking these respite breaks with Aspire he found it hard to make new friends. Now though, he loves to make new friends and is growing into a very sociable young man and is continuing to develop new skills all the time.

His mum and dad had this to say about Andrew’s time at Granville:

Andrew loves going to Granville to stay as he already has many friends there and he also makes new friends every time he goes to stay there.  We love Granville because it offers Andrew and other people the opportunity to get together and enjoy social activities together, whilst receiving the support they need. 

During Andrew’s respite breaks at Granville he loves to play football and cards with the friends he has made.  We are so happy that Andrew is growing into such a lovely young man and this is without a doubt partly down to the fact that he spends regular time at Granville. The staff are great with Andrew and are all very friendly.  It’s also nice for us whilst Andrew is one of his respite breaks as we get to enjoy a bit of time to ourselves to do things we want and have a good rest. This is important to ensure that we can give Andrew the best care we can once he gets home.

To find out more about respite breaks at Granville or any of our other centres across Salford and Greater Manchester, visit our respite breaks page.